Day 1: Jersey City, NJ - Raleigh, NC
Thursday, July 16, 2009
Mileage: 508 miles
Drive Time: 9 hours
Number of Stops: 2
Tanks of Gas: 1.5

Day one of the trip is over and it was a great start! Nine hours of driving... It was tough, but I made it. Getting out of Jersey City was a lot more difficult than planned. Thanks to the wonderful people at city hall my sidewalk was being redone at the exact moment I needed to load up my car. It made for the some very precarious trips up and down the stairs passing jackhammers and cement mixers. Molly & I had the final bagel at Wonder Bagel and then I hit the road.

The first four hours was the hardest. But after that is was pretty much smooth sailing.

The South is full of God Radio, Waffle Houses & Pick Up Trucks.

I learned a few things today about long haul road trips. Here are the rules that were created as a result.

Rules of the Road:
1. Fill up on Gas when you can.
2. Have water
3. Have food

4. Have a digital recorder out

5. Have a camera on hand

Places of note that I passed on my way through the South:

Phillip Morris USA Headquarters
w/ a Marlboro Cigarette Box 50 feet high: they are truly Merchants of Death (see The Insider w/ Russell Crowe)... I didn't have my camera handy.

NSA Headquaters
They have there own exit off the highway that says, "NSA Entrance: Employees Only"

I burned my arm pretty good. I did not calculate what nine hours of sun on my driving arm would do. But now I know.

Along the way I passed Lynchburg, VA. I can only image the etymology of the town name.

I met Adrienne (girl in the red) and her friends from Red Hat we all went out to dinner at The Raleigh Times. I had some pit NC BBQ pork. And it was delicious. Nothing like Southern BBQ After we all had drinks @ Foundation. I had a Bourbon & Ginger Ale with home made ginger ale. Other drinks of note The Basil Smash & The Cucumber on the vine.

I met a guy from Raleigh one of Adrienne's friends who just finished at Red Hat. His name is Napoleon Wright II (all the way left in the group photo). He is starting a collective called BecauseUs. The mission is:

Becauseus is a design collective dedicated to the betterment of humankind.

Founded by Napoleon Wright II, we specialize in film production, experimental design, sound design, motion graphics, brand identity and photography.

Becauseus was formed by a common trait.
We are passionate about what we do.

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