Day 2: IPA night
Saturday, July 18, 2009

My lovely sleeping arrangements w/ Fiona.

In the morning with Adrienne.

Coffee with Ryan & Adrienne

My power lunch with Adrienne & Ryan... just like in Jersey City (Molly & Jesse).

We made dinner... that's my Mozz & Tomato Caprese salad. I got to use Adrienne's mortar & pestle (which was incredible) to make the basil sauce. The rest of the dinner pics, menu, & recipe will be posted on Adrienne's blog at some point...

So later in the even we all went over to Critter's place which I thought was going to be somewhere in town. It happened to be down the hall from Adrienne's. How convienent. We drank IPA and Critter schooled me about beer and a website called Beer Advocate... You can rate & trade beers, talk on forums, and really just delve into the world of beer. Critter has a fridge just full of incredible beer. I have never seen anything like it and an apartment full of curiosities.

IPA night devolved into a raucous little photo shoot had a great little photo shoot. Here are the results:

Adrienne & Critter


Justin & Baby Jesus


Adrienne & Justin & the mannequin

Critter's cousin's husband...holding a sign that says: "Prepare to meet thy God."

Ryan, Adrienne, & Josh (Adrienne's boyfriend)... he also works at Red Hat and makes cool stuff.

Check out his site: Royal Remarkable TM

This terrifying thing almost came with me across the country as my car companion/bobble head but I just couldn't bring myself to take it from Critter. He was great and offered for me to have it. I think it's better in the aparment full of crazy things.

And finally everyone's hot girlfriend.

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