Day 2: Raleigh, NC
Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first day in Raleigh was great. We did breakfast at The Morning Times. Where Helena Price planned her whole road trip from.

I spent most of the day planning and preparing my trip at Adrienne's apartment. I haven't had much time to think through the routes or look at the books I bought so I spent the day chilling out and researching. I got some good recommendations by Adrienne & Ryan Cook (her roommate).

Ryan is starting a letterpress shop in Raleigh, NC you can check out his stuff at:
(his traditional graphic design) (his letterpress work....under construction

He hopes to have the shop up & running in a month. Check back soon.

I also started compiling a list of music from people in Raleigh. I plan to get music everywhere I go.

Music Recomendations from Raleigh, NC
Bon Iver
The Rosebuds (local Raleigh Band... I met Ivan who makes up 50% of the group)
Palace Brothers

Bonnie Prince Billy
Fever Ray
Ben Nichols

Born Ruffians

Deyarmond Edison


Dr. Dog


Rogue Wave

I designed a sticker for the road trip (w/ the help from Adrienne & Ryan). It is printing and shipping out to Panama City Beach, FL. They will be picked up when I get there. If you want one comment on the blog or get in touch with your mailing address and I will send it your way.

I think they will look good in such places as stop signs, bathrooms, and anywhere else you want. I urge you to use them creatively and with guerrilla style.

The rest of my day was spent going to whole foods and getting supplies for my trip and dinner. We made a few great dishes that will be posted on AdriennEats

After dinner we went to Critter's place down the hall. He also works at can see his work at:

He does weekly beer was IPA night. (I recommend Racer 5.) His apartment is incredible and filled with great stuff. We did a little photo shoot too. Had a discussion with Critter's cousin's husband about New York City and why New Yorkers feel the need to come South... it was really interesting to hear the other side. I came to the South because it seemed like the natural progression of the trip.

There was a guy named Tim Kiernan Great dude who I geeked out with about the 5D Mark II & the Red One. He does a lot a of film & video. He test drove my camera and loved the 1080 capabilities. Check out his blog 521Studies . He also DJ's and gave me a ton of great music.

I started mapping my way to Savannah, GA. I am going from Raleigh, NC out to Risque Cafe (a topless diner). Breakfast & Boobs or Breastfest (says Ryan). Then to South of the Border, an old amusement park/attraction, that is now dilapidated. Down the coast to Charleston for lunch, then to Savannah. I am staying with a woman named Zola who I met through

More soon... including a girl named Christmas Joy, IPA night images, & my Raleigh digs.

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