Day 3: Raleigh
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
I woke up about 3 am with Fiona (the cat) sleeping on my chest. I had fight her off but it was difficult. We finally came to an agreement about sharing the couch.

When I woke up I went to get coffee with Helena, from After months of speaking to each other via email or phone we finally got to meet in person. We spent about an hour discussing our separate trips.

She was leaving for Indiana (a ten hour drive from Raleigh) that morning after coffee.

She and I & Ryan met and he informed me a certain local legend in Raleigh, NC was standing outside. Everyone spoke of an amazing beautiful girl with tattoos and a sweet southern accent who was perfectly sculpted. Adrienne and Ryan talked about her non-stop the night before. And there she was standing outside with her dog. Her name.... Christmas Joy.

I ran outside knowing Ryan's love for this woman and asked if I could take her picture. He watched on with Helena... shocked. My interaction with Christmas was brief. But I was able to photograph her and her dog and when I asked for her information her response was:

"Do you have facebook? I'm the only Christmas in Raleigh."

Helena left and Ryan & I went off to a place called Father & Sons. It was one of the coolest vintage stores I have ever been to. It had three floors and full of things from old family snapshots, to flasks, to microscopes, lps, tapes, lamps, EVERYTHING. I was so overwhelmed and hungry I didn't get anything.

Napoleon met us there and Ryan left to go to a meeting and Napoleon & I went to Lilly's Pizza where we got to talking about life and how you have to at some point take the plunge and do what you want to when you can. I thought this was a very poignant moment in the first week of the trip.

We shot some photos and then I headed home to work on the images and take a nap. About 5pm I was woken up by a clap of thunder and I looked out the window and it was a full on tropical storm. Hurricane like if you will. My first inclination was to watch it... later I found out I should have gotten in a closet.

We went out to dinner and surveyed the damage of the storm. There were lot's of trees down everywhere and on Adrienne's block a traffic light had been smashed.

Photo Courtesy of Josh

After dinner at Sushi Blues we walked home and got chocolate with Josh. I had a tequila chocolate with Patron Anejo Gold and salt & lime. It was pretty incredible. The lighting was still rumbling in the distance. We got drinks with the whole gang who were planning a trip to the beach.

Then we went home and crashed out.

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