Day 4: Raleigh, NC -> Savannah, GA
Thursday, July 23, 2009

I left Raleigh early in the morning and headed down I-95 to South of the Border, SC. I skipped Cafe Risque because I was not quite ready to do nude breakfast at 10:30 am. But I did pass it and I am sure it is just as good as it looks.... its a gray building with no windows.

I got to South of the Border and it was amazing. It's basically a long forgotten tourist trap from the 60's or 70's. When I got there it was full of fireworks, sombreros, jungle animals, and a ton of trashy stores. I hung out for a bit shot some photos... contemplated buying some things that blow up...thought better of it and headed out.

I saw some interesting sites on the road to Charleston.

This was a truck carrying a tank.

My next stop was Charleston, SC. I made it about 3pm. Had lunch at Hyman's Seafood. I ordered a cat fish po-boy and it was incredible.

On the way out from Charleston I headed to a plantation to see what it was like. It was eerie to say the least.

That is the actual plantation house with the fields in front of it.

This is a photo of a slave house. It might be 8 feet x 10 feet and a whole family had to live in here. The heat & bugs were unrelenting...

From there I headed on to Savannah, GA. I got in early in the evening.

I was staying with a woman I met from Her name was Zola and she was a painter. Her painting studio was in the house. I was a bit nervous about just rolling up to stay with a stranger but it turned out to be wonderful.

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