Day 5: Savannah, GA
Saturday, July 25, 2009
Distance traveled: 900 miles

I spent my morning at Zola's planning what to do and how to go about doing it.

Adrienne told me to go to Tybee Island and a place called Lulu's Chocolate Bar. Besides those two recommendations I was sort of just up to my own devices. So after some planning and coffee with Zola I headed out. I ended up parking in the historic district and walking around. All the books I had said go to River Street & Factor's Walk. So I did. I got pizza at a place called Vinnie Van Go Go's. I had a lot of friends who attended Savannah College of Art & Design so I also made sure to check that out.

Savannah is full of old houses and Spanish moss. The historic district is mostly cobble stone streets. There were 24 squares in Savannah in the 1900's but now there are only 22. The Forest Gump bench scene was filmed in Chippewa Square.

The view from River Street

A guy I met at the Market District.

I had a drink called a Spodee-o-dee... this was an incredible moment in my life. For years Outkast had a track with the lyrics, "Spodee-o-dee dopalicious angel..." from their album Aquemini and I had no idea what they were talking about... now I do.

Found in the song "Drink'n wine spodee-o-dee" by R&B artist Stick McGhee, and later coverd by Jerry Lee Lewis. A wine spodiodie (also spelled Spodiodi) is a shot that has a layer of Port Wine on the bottom, then a layer of (cheap) bourbon, finished on the top by another layer of Port. It can also be made simpler by just combining port and bourbon in a glass. Some people also call jungle juice Spodi. The film rolling Kansas has actor Rip Torn carrying a skin of Wine Spodiodie, defined in that film as fox urine and flat beer.

-Urban Dictionary

After I had my fill of downtown and the Historic District I headed out to Tybee Island.

I ended up getting a call from a couchsurfer named Lance and we met up at the beach. I went swimming for a bit... we shot some photos. He is a SCAD student finish up his degree in interactive design.

Lance & I at the beach

We headed back to town for dinner & drinks where we met another girl from couchsurfing named Felicia @ LuLu's hung out for a while then called it a night.

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