Day 6: Savannah, GA to Panama City Beach, FL
Monday, July 27, 2009
Distance Traveled: 1265 miles

I left about 1:30 pm from Savannah. I spent most of the morning packing and backing up files. I also used some of the time to photograph Zola. I tried to get everything done simultaneously so they would all finish at the same time and I would be able to make a clean break. It didn't really work out that way... but everything got done in the end. From Savannah I decided to take back roads and get off I-95. The route I chose was basically a diagnol line across the southeast corner of Georgia.

I stopped off at a gas station to get a road atlas book because my GPS only takes you the fastest most efficient way possible. Not necessarily the most scenic or interesting. When I went to pay for it. The guy behind me in line wearing camos & combat boots with coke bottle glasses and a cigar just says, "what lost?" (think Deliverance). I quickly got back into the car and was off.

I took a route out of Savannah that took me through Fort Stewart Military Base. It was really cool. I passed convoys of trucks and soldiers. I stopped off at a shooting range and tried to photograph the private who was standing guard in full attired. He ended up calling his superior officer who said no.

He told me, "Sorry... some of the NCO's are hardasses..."

My response, "Don't worry about it... it's the Army."

I passed other places like the gas chambers and the sniper shooting range. America is always at war somewhere. The offficer who I talked to earlier must have been about 21.

I passed through towns like Valdosta, FL & Waycross, GA. It was nothing but beautiful farm land and old towns that time seemed to forget.

I worked my way through the back roads until dark and then got on I-10 in Florida and made my way down to the beach.

As the sun was setting I stopped on a bridge and put on my safety vest and ran out.

This little place had a room for rent.

I finally made it to PCB about 10:30 to a very warm welcome.

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