Day 9: Panama City Beach
Saturday, August 08, 2009
I woke up in the morning and was anxious to get on the road. It took me seven days to get to Panama City Beach and I wanted to move on. Julie & Mike were great to me but it was time to go. The heat was oppressive and I had been to PCB before and I wanted to see a new location.

Julie gets ready every morning over a cup of coffee. That was one of the best things about morning's at Julie's. She always had a giant pot of coffee going and two or three different kinds of coffee mate. I love coffee mate. So I sat with her while she did her makeup and planned my getaway.

I made sure to photograph the whole place as a record of where I was staying. And I almost forgot about the amazing massage chair that Julie & Mike have. It's like the one you see at The Sharper Image. It vibrates and massages and reclines. I spent a good amount of time in that chair.

My room with the leopard print sheets/pillow.

But before I left Julie wanted to read my Tarot cards. I was into this idea. So after she was ready we went over to her Tarot table and for about an hour she read my cards.

Now I don't know if I believe in Tarot... but some of the things she said were too accurate and too personal for her to know. It was spooky. And there were 73 cards in the deck and I pulled ten at a time over and over again and the same cards kept showing up. Julie's explanation was the universe never lies... I would hear that again in Santa Fe, NM.

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