The dilemma of be held accountable.
Monday, August 03, 2009

The hardest part about this whole trip is telling the truth. To tell the truth without passing judgment. My worldview is getting bigger everyday and the deeper I get into this project the more I am asking myself what do I share with others? Do I present just the facts, do I put a spin on everything, do I edit the content so people won't be upset with me? What are the real world consequences of my actions? Personal & professional lives are separate and should not affect each other but they do. I worry that if I write the truth I will offend the people I am talking about. I have never been good at telling the truth. I weave my own interpretation of the story & fabricate details...but I guess so does everyone else. Everyone has a point a view. My experience is convoluted because I play an active role in this project. I am not watching from the outside as a voyeur documenting but rather I am a participant on the inside taking notes. People have graciously invited me into their lives and I wonder how much of those lives do I choose to share and how much do I decide to leave out and why. Is it for their benefit or mine? When is the truth too much? And when is it necessary?

My good friend Ashley Halsey sent me this today...

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