Back from the Holidays (This Week's Schedule)
Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NYE 2010 from Aruninator on Vimeo.

A little snippet of ringing in the New Year at the Times Square Arts Center to kick off 2010.

It was a crazy holiday considering I don't think I took any vacation... just sorta worked straight on through. Lots to talk about. I am currently in post production on a short film/commercial I have been working on since about the beginning of December. I have been holed up for the past week editing footage with my production team ie. Jesse (

Here are some pics of what I am now calling, "The Lab."

Also, I got a call from a friend earlier this winter asking for some help. Someone close to them was diagnosed with cancer. I said I would do anything I could. This conversation led to my involvement in a great cause... The One Case Silent Auction at Milk this Thursday Dec. 7th from 6pm - 11pm. This is a great cause so please come out... You can also check it out on Facebook. It's put on by my friends at Resource Magazine.

One Case Auction is a silent auction for Breast Cancer helping one freelancer at a time. The proceeds will be donated to a selected freelancer in need of medical funding. There will be an extended online auction on

The unfortunate financial bracket that many freelancers fall into leave us hard workers to fend for ourselves with medical bills. One Case hopes to make a difference one person at a time...

Other things going on this week (all on Thursday evening) are:

Versus Opening - Curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

And of course Claire Rosen has her new studio launch party in Montclaire, NJ. More info at North 7 Studio

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