Bike Nine Square
Sunday, May 23, 2010
Yesterday was one of those days. My maiden voyage on a bike with friends through BK on a beautiful day. From Williamsburg to The Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene & back again.

Only a few casualties. Mine were minor... not realizing one has to unclip so to speak from your bike before stopping... I found myself in a slow motion lateral collapse to the ground... twice. Think a tree falling.

Tree Falling On Shed And Man - Amazing videos are here

Ms. Mitchell on the other hand had a full yard sell while going at a good clip. She got a good six feet of air... right up & over the handle bars. It was described by our friend Charlie as if she had ridden over an IED.

Check out the guys closest to the wall... that pretty much is identical to what happened.

There might be an ER visit tomorrow for some x-rays. But she is tough girl and made it. All in all a good day. My legs feel like Jell-O.

this also happened (featuring jesse & molly)....

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