Thursday, May 27, 2010
Now, I'm am sort of a iPhone purist when it comes to iPhone photos. My choice of weapon is Shake It Photo. I've tried all that other shit... Camera Bag, Chase Jarvis's Best Camera. Whatever, it all sucks (dear Chase this is no reflection on you. I just don't like your iPhone App or how you somehow convinced someone to publish a book of your iPhone App's photos...really? FML, I should just quit now). The simplicity of Shake It Photo combined with it's volatility is a perfect pairing. Much like film, it could crash on you at any time and you have lost that perfect shot (the weird guy on the subway staring down the shirt of the girl next to him) SHIT!!!! THAT WAS THE ONE!!!! Much like: I forgot to wind the film before opening the camera back and/or ooops... I hit the light switch in the dark room while making out with that brooding photo chick with horn rimmed glasses who I have class with...thus exposing everyone's film. There goes my awesome deep dark self portrait of how deep and dark and awesome I am. Fuck.

But I have to say... the Hipstamatic app has sorta got me a believer. I ended up buying the app this week on a whim. And of course being obsessive compulsive I bought all the add-ons. Film, lenses, whatever... just give it to me dammit! I couldn't just have the standard. My favorite feature... RANDOM. You shake your iPhone (shake it photo???) and BAM! you get a random film & lens combination. Awesome! I can express my 2010 digital self in an analog sorta way. Polaroids? Holgas? Hasselblads? The mystical polaroid-transfer you can buy on Spring St. from a weird dude with a beard, land camera, and tray of water... Come on... you know you want to buy an iPad and a hand made image of yourself at the same time... OH THE IRONY!

Leave it all behind and just buy the app instead.

I particularly like that you sorta have to calculate for parallax error... How thoughtful of you Hipstamic.... you covered all your bases. I am a bit late to the party... I know... that's just my steez. Fashionably late to what's no longer cool. Every Williamsburg dwelling photo assistant with an iPhone & 8x10 Linhof tattoo (I hate you) has been Hipstamatic-ing for months now. Fuck that shit. I don't quite think they know how cool it really is... or maybe they do and I'm trying to make myself feel better... Either way. Kudos Hipstamatic. You're one cool app.

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