The EMS Shanty Tent
Tuesday, June 08, 2010
So I am headed off to Virginia this week to attend the LookBetween Festival in Charlottesville, VA. They said I needed a tent. Now I have never bought a tent before. I really wanted to get a crazy awesome Arctic Dome Tent for my summer camping needs. I realized $2500.00 was a bit pricey for my use.

It comes with a bar tender, discoball, and sat phone hook up. After coming to terms with realizing I had no need for what I am calling the end of the world tent I researched cheaper options. That would be the Big Agnes Gore Pass 2... I convinced the girl at EMS, Emma, to setup the tent in the store for me. She did and I was sold. Vertical walls, 2 doors, a shitload of room, and a crazy rain fly porch option.... oh man.

But when I came back to the store to pick it up today I thought... you know $280 is a bit pricey for my camping needs considering I don't go camping. But that four corner ventilation system sounded pretty good. It was a hard decision but I decided to be responsible and buy another tent. One half the price and half the quality. Aptly named the Shanty Tent.

Now all I can think about when I am in my tent is that song by Desmond Dekker - Shanty Town.

I am a little disappointed I live in a Shanty Town of a tent... but I like it anyway because it's my Shanty Town Tent.

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